Ready Set Go



Ready Set Go

Ready Set Go is one of the stars of the Prime ScratchCards sports section. If you’re sport mad – or even just an occasional fan – this is the game for you.

When you enter the stadium with Ready Set Go you have a choice of 3 reel slots and can play up to 6 at once. Winning symbols include medals, weights, stopwatches and trophies. Match the right combination and you could win a massive



With a game like Ready Set Go there is more than just 1 winner – in fact there are thousands every hour!

That’s because we guarantee that 1 in every 3 cards is a winner. The Instant Cash Prizes just never stop coming, which means that you can keep on playing for hours.

If you love a fast and exciting game use our PLAY MAX and AUTOPLAY functions.

Remember: You can play Ready Set Go for just 25p a card!



Ready Set Go  is just 1of 10 great sports games at Prime ScratchCards If you liked it you’ll love the others!

Be sure to check out Goal Kick, World Champions and Road Racing – 3 more winning games.


Play now and be our next big winner!

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