Prime ScratchCards World Tour 2010

Did You Know?

Depending who you ask; there are almost 200 independent countries in the world.  At any given time the chances are that people in 115 of those countries are playing Prime ScratchCards!  That means that we have a presence in nearly 60% of the world’s nations (and practice players in every country) making us a truly global gaming site.

As more and more people across the planet are connected to broadband internet that number will keep on growing, because constant fun and the chance to win PRIME JACKPOTS is something that appeals to everybody around the world.  Our games know no borders, so join the Prime ScratchCards World Tour and see if you can become one of our international winners.

As this blog develops we’ll be introducing forums to enable you to talk to players from other countries, and exchange tips and discuss your favourite games with people from all around the world.  So stay tuned and be ready to make new friends with Prime ScratchCards.

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