Pirates Paradise



Sail Away to the Pirates Paradise with

Prime ScratchCards!



Pirates Paradise takes you to an exciting world of pirate ships and buried treasure, where you play under the Jolly Roger for a £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

The symbols you need to match up include; tricorn hats, pistols, cutlasses, flaming grenades and chests of gold. Pirates Paradise is a great 3 reel slot game that delivers all the thrills it promises.

To play Pirates Paradise click BET to choose how much to play with, then click SPIN to play. Your winnings will be displayed on the screen! If you want a fast game click MAX BET and AUTOPLAY then hold tight.

Remember: You can play Pirates Paradise for just 10p a spin – another great value game from Prime ScratchCards!


It’s been nearly 300 years since the Royal Navy wiped out piracy in the Carribean. Characters like Blackbeard, Henry Morgan and Bartholomew Roberts, who terrorised shipping lanes and plundered every ship they could catch, are long gone. But Prime ScratchCards offers you a window back in time to this violent era with games like Golden Island, Treasure Island, Pirates Paradise and many others.

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