New Big Winner


Meet Tina S. from Burton on Trent – Our Latest Winner!



Champagne Always Tastes Best When it Comes with a Large Cheque

Tina S. from Burton on Trent is busy celebrating after she won £10,000 playing Prime ScratchCards





“I love playing Prime ScratchCards” 


“I can’t believe I’m a winner, I never thought It would happen to me. I love playing Prime Scratch Cards because you have a better chance of winning; you can win 3 or 4 times in a row.

Prime Scratch Cards is my favorite site because there are lots games to choose from, I never stick to one game.

My favorite game is ‘Slots Pyramid’ and ‘Slots Super 7’

Now I have to decide how to spend the money; I’m definately going to treat my family to a holiday and then maybe put what’s left towards a  new kitchen or a car. “


At Prime ScratchCards we like to see people win; because lots of winners and happy players are what make a good site – that’s why we offer some of the best odds you’ll find anywhere.

1 in every 3 cards is a guaranteed winner!


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