Memory Madness




Meet the Monsters at Memory Madness!

The Great New Game at Prime ScratchCards

Memory Madness is the crazy new game at Prime ScratchCards where a laboratory full of monsters can conjure up all kinds of Instant Cash Payouts and amazing PRIME JACKPOTS – including the massive £100,000 top prize!

Meet the Monsters!


They might not be pretty to look at, but these monsters could be the key to some big winnings when you play Memory Madness

Select either 6, 9, or 12 matching pairs of monsters then click PLAY. If your matching pairs have the same prize you’re a winner and the money will go straight into your account!

Remember: You can play Memory Madness for just 50p a game! 


We love games like Memory Madness at Prime ScratchCards – they’re fun to play, superbly designed and never stop paying out!

We don’t have time for boring or slow games and won’t use them on our site; when you play with us you’re guaranteed a good time!

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