Mega Safe



Crack the Mega Safe at Prime ScratchCards!



Hidden away at Prime ScratchCards is the Mega Safe; we’ve heard rumours that it might contain up to £200,000 in the shape of a PRIME JACKPOT!

If it hasn’t got a massive PRIME JACKPOT inside there will probably be an Instant Cash Payout. One thing’s for sure – the Mega Safe is seldom empty.


Just like any other safe the Mega Safe is firmly locked and has to be cracked; fortunately there’s no need to mess around with explosives and detonators, or spend a whole night trying to smash away layers of steel with a bar and sledge hammer. Mega Safe has an electronic combination code and you get 6 chances to find your way inside.

To play Mega Safe simply click to choose your card price then click PLAY.

Remember: You can play Mega Safe for just 50p a card!

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