Lucky 21

Hit the PRIMEJACKPOT with Lucky 21!

Lucky 21 is a superb version of the casino game Blackjack – also known as Pontoon and Twenty-one. Different versions of this classic game are played across the world and have a history going back hundreds of years. The aim of Blackjack is simple; each player is dealt two cards and has the option of asking for more, and tries to beat the dealers hand without receiving cards worth more than 21 points and going bust.

Now Prime ScratchCards brings you the latest online version of this great card game in a brand new and exciting format that gives you 3 chances to beat the dealer and win an Instant Cash Prize.

Lucky 21 is the game to play for anybody who enjoys blackjack or who wants to learn the basics of this excellent casino game.

To play Lucky 21 simply click to choose your card price and you’ll be dealt 3 hands – each worth a different prize. If 1 of your hands beats the dealer without going bust you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize or even a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Remember: You can play lucky 21 for just 50p a game!

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