It’s Black Friday!


It’s Black Friday – The 1st Day of the

Christmas Shopping Season!


Black Friday is an American Tradition that has spread across the Atlantic and is already well known to the thousands of British shoppers who fly to America every year to snap up bargains in the Christmas sales. All the big stores see a rush of eager people surging through the doors in search of great deals on Christmas presents. Sometimes it gets so crazy that people camp on the pavements overnight to be first in line when the shops open!

You can get into the Black Friday mood at Prime ScratchCards with 2 fantastic shopping games that might just make your dreams come true.

Check out 5th Avenue and Chic Boutique where the shelves are stocked full of the latest designer gear and the till is full of


Play either game and you could finance the shopping spree of a lifetime when you win £100,000!

Chic Boutique is the Prime ScratchCards shopping experience where you can get a taste of what it feels like to spend your winnings.  This sophisticated 5 reel slot allows you to play up to 9 lines and place MAX BETS.  The Chic Boutique till is stocked full of Instant Cash Payouts and has a seriously stylish PRIME PAYTABLE. The massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT will allow our winners a real life shopping spree that most people can only dream of!

Chic Boutique might be a classy establishment but you can still play for just a 10p a time and watch your bank balance rise every time you win!

TOP TIP: The diamond bracelet is WILD and the mobile phone is your SCATTER CARD. 

Play both these superb 5 reel slots games for just 10p a spin!



5th Avenue is a very classy game with an amazing Prime Paytable that can boost your winnings all the way to the

£100,000 limit! This superb 5 reel slot uses all the bling, perfumes, handbags and designer wear as winning symbols and will take you straight to the luxury shopping experience of  a lifetime!

Why not play 5th Avenue and be our next Big Winner!



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