Horse racing is often referred to as the sport of kings and now you can be king for a day with Hippodrome the great horse racing game at Prime ScratchCards.

Hippodrome is an exciting game that brings you all the thrills of the racetrack as the Prime thoroughbreds race for the finish line. Some of these horses are guaranteed to bring you Instant Cash Payouts or even a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

To play Hippodrome click to choose your card price then click to choose how many cards you want to play. As soon as you’re ready the race will start and the horses will be away. For a fast and exciting game click MAX CARDS and AUTOPLAY.

Hippodrome is an ancient Greek word for a stadium used for horse or chariot racing and there are still many ruined hippodromes in Greece and other Mediterranean countries. Horse racing is a very old sport whose origins probably go back 5000 or 6000 years when humans first started riding horses. Prime ScratchCards has brought the Sport of Kings right into the 21st century with this superb game that’s already produced some big winners.

Remember you can play Hippodrome for just 25p a card and can bet on up to 8 cards at once!

There are now 10 great sports games in the Prime ScratchCards Sports Scratch Section – if you liked Hippodrome you should definitely check out Road Racing, 100M Champion and Splash Cash – more games that continue to produce winners.

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