Make the Right Guess and Win £100,000!

HiLo is a superb numbers game from Prime ScratchCards. Every time you play you’ll be given a number, all you have to do is guess if the following number will be higher or lower – get it right and you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize!

To play HiLo you need a little bit of luck and some sound judgement. Your given numbers range from 1 – 54 so if you get a low number there’s a pretty good chance that if you bet HI you’ll probably win – and vice versa. It’s when you get numbers in the 20s and 30s that guesswork and luck really come into it.


When you play HiLo 1 in every 3 cards is a guaranteed winner!

Like many simple games HiLo is loads of fun to play, and because its so fast moving a lot of people really love this game.  We’ve had players rack up some big winnings on HiLo  including some who began playing with our £5 Free promotional offer.

To play HiLo all you have to do is click to choose your card price then click PLAY to get your starting number. Then it’s up to you to click whichever arrow you think will be a winner – Hi or Lo.

Guess right and you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize which will immediately be paid into your account. If you’re really lucky you could win a life changing PRIME JACKPOT and could be £100,000 richer!


Remember: You can play HiLo for just 50p a game!

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