Gone Fishin’

Relax with Gone Fishin’

The most chilled out game at

Prime ScratchCards!



Gone Fishin’ is the perfect game to play when you feel like taking a break from it all, because it’s probably one of the most relaxing games at Prime ScratchCards – as relaxing that is, as a game with a £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT can be…


 There’s a lot of old junk floating around at the bottom of the river. If you hook an old boot you’ll be going home empty handed, but if you catch a fish you’ll get an immediate Instant Cash Payout. Catch a big fish and you might be going home with a massive PRIME JACKPOT!

At Prime ScratchCards 1 in every 3 games is a guaranteed winner which means that there are always plenty of fish waiting to be caught. Try your luck on the water and you might be our next big winner!


To play Gone Fishin’  simply click to choose your card price and then click PLAY. Your winnings will be displayed on the screen!



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