Golden Fortune


Brand New Game!

Celebrate Christmas with a Golden Fortune!

Golden Fortune is a Brand New Game from Prime ScratchCards that is going to make somebody rich. This is a classic scratch card that gives you 3 opportunities to match the gold bars to the gold coins – and get paid straight into your account!

Golden Fortune is a scratch card that delivers what it promises, which is loads of Instant Cash Payouts and some massive PRIME JACKPOTS – including a top payout of £100,000!

To play Golden Fortune click to choose your card price then click again to choose how many cards you want to play – it’s that simple – and like every game at Prime ScratchCards , it’s loads of fun and pays out plenty of winners !

There’s something about the allure of gold – it’s been a symbol of wealth and status for thousands of years and even today countries mint gold coins for trade and prestige. Some of the most beautiful jewellery and treasures ever made were crafted from gold. Even today you can walk into  bank and pay cash for gold bullion coins like Sovereigns, Krugerrands, Maple Leafs and Pandas.

Win our £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT and you could be investing in real gold coins!

Remember you can play Golden Fortune for just 25p a card!

With just 4 days left until Christmas why not try and win yourself a Golden Fortune?

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