Meet the Genie


Genie is a superb scratch card game where you play the role of Aladdin and try your luck with the magic lamp. Step into the Genie  cave and you’ll find a huge pile of treasure, including 4 magic lamps. 1 lamp contains a cash prize and the other 3 are home to the Genie . If you can guess which magic lamp to rub the Genie  might just make your dreams come true….. and if 1 of the lamps contains a massive £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT you’ll be able to grant yourself a lot more than just 3 wishes!




The original story of Aladdin and the Genie  comes from the Arabian Nights also known as 1000 Nights and 1 Night.  It also featured in the animated Disney film Aladdin if you enjoyed the game check out the film!

In the Prime ScratchCards version of this classic tale each Genie emerges from the lamp with 6 precious stones; if the stones match you win an Instant Cash prize. Or perhaps even a massive PRIME JACKPOT!

Genie is a really easy game to play: Simply click to choose your card price then click to play.



Remember: You can play Genie for as little as 50p a card – another great value game from Prime ScratchCards!


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