Favourite Games of 2010


As 2010 draws to a close we’ve got almost 100 superb games at Prime ScratchCards, and with so many different kinds of games to chose from, there really is something for everyone!

As soon as you enter the site you can choose games from our; Most Popular, Fantasy, Sports, Casino and Scratch sections and begin playing to win.


2010 has been a great year at Prime ScratchCards; we’ve had a lot of big winners and made several of our players very happy indeed when they won life changing PRIME JACKPOTS!

We’ve also continued with our commitment to bring you the very best Flash games and cash prizes.  Check out some of the favorites of 2010:

Top of the list has to be the amazing 3WOW! game with a massive £1,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT.

3WOW! has been a really popular game, attracting loads of players who are determined to win £1,000,000 and love the fast and simple format of this classic scratch card game.

Another Big Hit this Year has been Jungle Joy


Jungle Joy is another classic scratch card that has proved a big hit with our fans this year. 9 panels hide a variety of cheeky jungle animals – match 3 to win an Instant Cash Prize. Quite a few people already won big prizes playing Jungle Joy!

The Most Popular Sports Game was World Champions

Given that 2010 was a World Cup year we’re not really surprised that World Champions was the most played sports game! It was definitely a really popular game right through the summer, and football fans carried on scoring cash prizes all year with this great game.

We all Love Slots Games!

We all love slots games and Prime ScratchCards wouldn’t be the fantastic site that it is without our range of top 3 and 5 reel slots games! There were 3 especially popular slots games this year:

Players loved Egyptian Magic, Royal Slots and Cafe Paris, all of these superb slots games produced big winners in 2o10 and probably will do next year as well! Royal Slots is a classic old style 3 reel slots game that uses traditional fruit machine symbols – proving that there are some things that just can’t be improved upon.

The Best Casino Game had to be Royal Poker!

Royal Poker combines all the excitement of a poker game with the easy fun of a scratch card. A lot of players told us that they found it a great introduction to poker and went on to master the basics of the game and start playing in tournaments. This is a game with a touch of luxury and is deservedly popular.

What was your Favourite Game of 2010?

Let us know which game you most enjoyed playing in 2010 – and why. We’ll print the best replies here on the Blog and send you a surprise prize in the New Year!


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