Fast Hands

 Are Your Hands Fast Enough to Win £100,000?


 Rock-paper-scissors is a very old Chinese game that most of us played as children. You make a clenched fist and hold it in the air, on a count of 3 you bring it down and open it in the shape of either; a rock, scissors or paper.

Now Prime ScratchCards have created a 21st century online version that comes with a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT.


Fast Hands challenges you to compete with up to 6 other hands and gives you 3 chances to be a winner every time you play. There are loads of Instant Cash Prizes and an option for a really fast game if you click on Max Hands and Autoplay.

Rock beats Scissors- Scissors beats Paper- Paper beats Rock- Rock beats….

Remember you can play Fast Hands for just 25p a game!


 Fast Hands is a really addictive game so be warned – and at just 25p a hand you could be playing all day!

1 in every 3 hands is a guaranteed winner with instant Cash Prizes and PRIME JACKPOTS that go straight into your account balance. You can really have hours of fun with this game.


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