Escape from the Arctic Weather!


Escape the Arctic Weather with

Prime ScratchCards!


The weather’s gone insane this year with the country covered in snow and half of Europe experiencing minus temperatures. Roads are blocked, ports are closed and everybody is fed up – and it’s only the beginning of December!

If you’ve had enough of being cold and wet why not take a break with Prime ScratchCards and enjoy some Summer Fun!


Summer Fun is a superb 3 reel slot game that takes place next to the pool in a luxury hotel – and the sun is definitely shining!

Play Summer Fun today and you could be our next Big Winner and with a PRIME JACKPOT of £100,000 on offer there’s never been a better time to have a quick bet!

Win a big prize and you and your family could be flying off to spend Christmas in the sun, because however cold it is in Europe and the North America it’s still summer in loads of other countries and there’s no shortage of sunshine on the Caribbean beaches, African savannahs or tropical islands.

To play Summer Fun click to place your bet then click PLAY your winnings will be displayed on the screen!

You can play Summer Fun or just 50p a spin!

Don’t wait to banish the winter blues and see if you’ll be jetting off to a luxury hotel while everybody else shivers at home!

We’ll be running a series of sunshine themed games as long as the cold weather continues so keep checking back to see what you could win!

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