Disco Keno



Play Disco Keno and Win


Disco Keno is a great lottery style game at Prime ScratchCards. You can play with up to 8 cards at once and win some amazing PRIME JACKPOTS including a massive £100,000!

Disco Keno is all about numbers and if you can match the numbers on your card with the numbers on the lottery balls you’re a guaranteed winner. This is an exciting game that delivers a lot of fast Instant Cash Payouts and has made some of our lucky winners very happy indeed.

There are some great features on Disco Keno including a TURBO button as well as MAX PLAY and AUTOPLAY.


You can play Disco Keno for just 25p a card! Another great value game from Prime ScratchCards the site where the fun never stops.

Keno was originally a Chinese game and has been around for a very long time – perhaps at least 1000 years. Now you can play the latest high tech version with the very best odds and biggest prizes!

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