Hit a £200,000 Bullseye at Prime ScratchCards!

Now you can play your favourite pub game just by logging onto

 Prime ScratchCards.

There’s no closing time at Prime ScratchCards so you can play Darts 24/7 and win Instant Cash Prizes and PRIME JACKPOTS any time of the day or night!

Darts is a superb game with great graphics that’s loads of fun and really easy to play.

Click to choose your card price then click PLAY to begin the game.


Use your mouse to aim at the board then click to throw your dart. You’ve got 3 chances to beat the Champion’s score and win an Instant Cash Payout.


You can play Darts for just 50p a game!

There are new sports games all the time at Prime ScratchCards. Check out Goal Kick, Bowling and World Champions 3 more great games.

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