Dancing Domino



Hit the Prime Jackpot with Dancing Domino

And you could be £100,000 Richer!

People have been playing dominoes for around a thousand years, with different versions of the game played in Europe, India and China. Now you can play online with this amazing Instant Win game from Prime ScratchCards.

It’s dead easy to play Dancing Domino and also a lot of fun!

Simply select your card price and how many pairs of dominoes you want to play with – you can bet on up to 8 pairs at once – and then click PLAY. If you get 2 matching numbers you’re a WINNER and your cash prize will be immediately displayed on the screen!

For a super fast game with loads of chances to win a massive PRIME JACKPOT  choose your card price then click MAX DOMINOS. It’s a lot faster than any other game of dominoes and pays out a LOT more cash!


Remember: You can play Dancing Domino for just 25p a time – another amazing value game from Prime ScratchCards!


At Prime ScratchCards we love to take traditional games that everybody played when they were children, or even in the pub, and bring them to you in an exciting new high tech format. If you liked Dancing Domino you’ll definitely want to check out Fast Hands, Darts and X&O.

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