Crazy Cat




Go Scratch Card Crazy with the Crazy Cat!


Crazy Cat is possibly the most fun game at Prime ScratchCards – and with over 80 fun games to choose from – that’s really saying something!

Most dustbins only contain garbage, but when you play Crazy Cat you could find a massive


Not only are there the huge PRIME JACKPOTS, when you play at  Prime ScratchCards we guarantee that 1 in every 3 cards is a winner. That means that the Instant Cash Prizes will just keep on going into your account!


To play Crazy Cat click to choose your card price then click PLAY!

If you can find 3 cats in the dustbins you’re a guaranteed winner and an Instant Cash Prize will go straight into your account!

You might even be our next Big Winner and be celebrating with a huge PRIME JACKPOT!

We love fun at Prime ScratchCards so why not come and join us today at the site where every player can be a winner!


Remember: You can play Crazy Cat for just 50p a card!

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