Bingo Bonanza


Bingo Bonanza



We know how much you love to play bingo so we specially created the Bingo Bonanza scratch card.  Bingo Bonanza  lets you can play up to 8 cards and win a massive £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT.  All you have to do is match a row of numbers before 60 balls are called.  Bingo Bonanza brings you all the fun and excitement of the bingo hall in the comfort of your own home, with even better odds and thousands of Instant Cash Prizes. You could be walking away from your keyboard with a life changing PRIME JACKPOT!

Bingo Bonanza is a really easy game to play: Simply click CARD PRICE to place a bet, then click NUMBER OF CARDS and PLAY. Your winnings will be displayed on the screen.

Remember: You can play Bingo Bonanza  for as little as 25p a card!

For a fast game hit the TURBO button MAX CARDS and AUTOPLAY

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