There’s a lot of speculation about the location of the legendary sunken city of Atlantis; some people think it was an island in the Mediterranean, others that it was a lost continent in the Atlantic Ocean.  Theories for its destruction range from the scientific to the supernatural, claiming everything from volcanic eruption or earthquake to war and Divine punishment.  Many people have searched in vain over the ages and the mystery has never been solved. 

Now we can reveal that the lost city of Atlantis can be found at Prime ScratchCards, where you can travel beneath the waves and try to win the lost treasure in the form of a £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT.

Atlantis is a superb 5 reel slot with 9 lines and a MAX BET option.  The undersea paytable offers some serious payouts and you can match the seabed symbols to win instant cash prizes.

Top Tip: Watch out for the Shark wild card and Poseidon scatter card which may be the key to big winnings.

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