Travel beneath the waves and visit the legendary sunken city of Atlantis where there is a £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT waiting to be found.


Atlantis is another top quality 5 reel slot with from Prime ScratchCards with 9 lines and a MAX BET option. This is a really fun and colourful game that you can easily play all day. 


Winning symbols include; lobster, starfish, sharks and jellyfish. Match them up to win thousands of Instant Cash Payouts and PRIME JACKPOTS!


Remember: You can play Atlantis for as little as 10p a time!


The undersea paytable offers some serious payouts and ends in an unbeatable £200,000 PRIME JACKPOT! 


Top Tip: Watch out for the Shark WILD card and Poseidon SCATTER card which may be the key to big winnings.


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